Express yourself Skärholmen

Design Digital Event Motion Production Strategy

It’s that time of the year! The stores in Skärholmen shopping centre are filled with this season’s fashion. Our job is to come up with ideas for the yearly autumn fashion campaign. How to make it interesting enough for people to: 1) notice our message amongst all other autumn fashion ads and 2) visit the centre instead of shopping online?


Fashion is a way of expressing oneself – just like dancing. Why not combine the two? We created a fashion show with four professional dancers who were asked to interpret the looks they were wearing. This was the base for a very colourful print and social media campaign. The concept: ”Express yourself Skärholmen!”

The dancer has the room.

To make the visual impact stronger we decided to keep the image as free as possible from other elements, and instead let the dancer, the move and the feeling shine through.

Behind the scenes

With the purpose of enhancing the communication, behind the scenes material from the photo-shoot was shared on social media.

Fashion dance show

On the catwalk, our talented models/dancers got the chance to really express themselves. And at the same time, showing the latest fall fashion trends that are all about mixing and matching.

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