Find your challenge

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The fitness drink Celsius is well known among the world’s sport enthusiasts for its body-stimulating effects. But there was a problem: The product was considered being mainly for people at the gym. Celsius wanted to broaden its target group and show that the drink is suitable for everybody who wants to live an active life, regardless if it is yoga, fighting, running or dancing. Celsius is for everyone.


We reworked the brand´s platform to make it more including. In the process we created the tagline “Find your challenge”, which was more suitable with Celsius’ new strategy and at the same time inspired its users to push their boundaries. Part from that, we updated the graphic identity to give it a more modern feeling. The diagonal lines reflects movement and progress – a sense of stepping forward and being “on the go”. Result: an active brand for everyone who wants to live healthy.

Celsius is for everyone – regardless what the challenge is. We want to give the brand an including feeling that inspires and motivates people to get the most out of their day.

Images & model

In the images we want to express function, determination and motivation.

Product images

We have created product images and compositions that really communicate the taste and feeling of Celsius. The goal is to give our products space and make them heroes.



We updated the Celsius website with the updated graphic identity and made some layout changes to improve the user experience.

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