Everywhere is an auction


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With two million visitors a week, Tradera is Sweden’s biggest online auction site. In the summer 2017, Tradera launched their updated, redesigned application for Android and IOS. Along with the application, they wanted to create a campaign to draw attention to the release of it. The purpose was to show the benefit of Tradera ‘s offer and to both reactivate old users and attract new ones. With that said: Going once, going twice and going to The Store.


Seeing is believing! We wanted to make people aware of the possibilities with the new application by showing them the big world of Tradera – from the amount of auctions to specific items and the stories behind them. Our solution was the campaign concept “Everywhere is an auction”, which consisted of data-generated content that was used in outdoors and social media. The result? Tradera’s most successful campaign so far.

Local messages

One of the key ingredients in the campaign was to use data from Tradera to create location – and situation – based messages. In total we created about 90 different messages for the campaign. This made the communication more relevant to the ones who saw it.

The Tradera design

A playful and flexible graphic identity that puts the message in focus – our design has a fresh feeling, suitable for the summer. With the help of Tradera’s yellow color and their app-icon we enhanced the brand presence and also made a subtle, yet distinct, connection with smartphone apps.

Media plan

To make the communication as efficient as possible, we simply split it in two. Digital outdoors focuses on branding and awareness, while social media focuses on traffic and convergence.

Going once, going twice, going great!

The summer campaign 2017 became one of Tradera’s most successful campaigns ever, which we of course are very happy about. Oh, and here are some stats!

33% increase
in downloads/day compared to month before campaign.

59% increase
in downloads 4 days after relaunch.

Up 30%

on the App Store.

And 43%

on Google Play.

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