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Content Design Production

Mio is one of Sweden’s biggest furniture brands. Contrary IKEA, there is a Mio store in all bigger cities and population centres all over the country, as many as 71 all together. Since 1998, we have helped Mio to communicate in several channels – print as well as social media and events.


The Mio catalogue is a massive production that reaches about 4 million Swedes, twice a year. Part from selling furniture, its purpose is to provide people with inspiration and knowledge. In a close collaboration with Mio we develop, design and produce the catalogue. It then works as a foundation for all other communication, whether it is an ad, a banner or a social media post. Simply, cost efficiency at its best.

We worked with
Mio since 1998.

During that time we have created: 31 catalogues and to many ads and other projects to keep count on.

Summer campaign 2017 - Tradera