You're only as
good as the next
thing you do.
You're only as
good as the next
thing you do.

The Store on

creative problem solving.

Who we are:

We are a creative agency working with a broad variety of clients, which is something that has given us experience in many different fields. If you ask people what a creative agency does, the standard answer would be: print, banners, digital, commercials, etc. And that’s true, however, a tad over-simplified. We believe there’s more to it.

At The Store we see ourselves as problem solvers. Instead of focusing on channels, we start by identifying the problem – the real one – and work our way to a solution that brings value to our clients. In order to do this in an effective way, we have shaped our offer in three steps: refine, recreate and rethink. We call it structured creativity.

Structured creativity.

How we do what we do.


With respect for our clients’ brand, we produce everything from prints and ads to digital solutions and final art. Sometimes things just need to be done – this is where we focus on production.


We explore the possibilities with the purpose of enhancing the solution and to make something new, yet familiar. This could be a campaign, an evolution of a product or design, etc.


The name says it all. This is when we start from scratch and challenge both our clients and ourselves. We seek the answer to the real problem and from there shape a solution that is not limited to channel, platform or medium. A solution that finds a new way.